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Timothy Parkes in “Secret Italian Gig Scandal”

So, it’s on the grapevine that I might be performing a secret, solo show, in a venue next door to the July Skies gig on the 7th July in Rimini.

More info to follow…

July Skies latest

On Saturday 7th July, July Skies will be playing an extended live set.

I’ll be playing acoustic guitar for this set, and rumours are of a possible Timothy Parkes set as support to July Skies.

The performance will be part of the #8 Festival di musica el letteratura.

Should anyone find themselve in the Rimini area in July, here’s the address.

Corte degli Agostiniani via Cairoli, 40 Rimini, Italy





Lakefest this Saturday!

I’m on at 1215 to open the show!

It’s been a very busy few weeks in “Tim Towers”.  After wrapping things up out in Shropshire, we found a place in town. No mean feat. With some very serious help from some very dear friends, we set off, in a truck like a big blue snail. Seemingly with our lives on our backs.

Driving what was a clearly overloaded vehicle, with all of our belongings, down fast country roads was hair-raising to say the least.

On the other hand, the feeling of being at home hasn’t ever arrived so quickly. My Lady, she works like a cart-horse. -There’s a folk ballad in there somewhere, or a night in the dog house.

Bringing us nearly up to date, I’d like to share my thoughts on the loss of Flt Lt. Jon Egging. (Red 4). It’s always very moving to hear of the loss of life. Full stop.  This incident was no exception. I’ve always been a massive fan of the Red Arrows, from my days as an Air Cadet, and having met the display team of 1992.

I like the idea that the gruesome details would be kept from the prying eyes of the press, however, no privacy was afforded, instead, we see wreckage pictures. The death of an expert aviator (or anyone) ought to be treated sensitively. Instead, every newspaper and media company is running with it. Where is the dignity in this?

So what’s the deal with breaking in new boots?

Well, there are a few connections. One or two of them are tenuous, almost cliched metaphors, which I’ll explain presently.

I bought some boots, some weeks ago, from a surplus stores at Shrewsbury Market, I enjoyed telling the trader that I wanted to buy some “British Issue” assault boots. He asked me, “Are you a vintage person?” -(referring to the flea market in the corner). I replied “No Sir, I’m Thirty-One”.

Assault Boots. Note the stiff leather. Nice.

I proceeded to try-on these boots that he handed to me, pair-by-pair, too small, too big, too old, too smelly. etc.   -It wasn’t looking good.

Then they arrived. The boots I’d longed to own. Unissued, “brand” new, and lovely. -He asked me what I wanted them for, “Drill and Fieldcraft” I happily informed him.  “Royal Air Force?” he asked me.   -Well, flattered as I was that he’d mistaken me for one of Her Majesty’s Finest, I had to let him know that I’m a prospective Civilian Instructor in the Air Training Corps, and that I hoped to enter “Uniform Service” as such, hence the boots. 

Anyhow, long story short, I’ve been wearing them in for a few weeks now, and I have to say, they are the stiffest boots I’ve ever worn. And they make me happy.  -A little reminder for every time I lace them up, of what I’m hoping to do with them.

So, I’ve applied to be a C.I. in the A.T.C., forms and checks sent off, boots broken in, hair “high and tight” and and shirt pressed.  All I have to do now is wait for all that to clear, and wait for the O.K. from Wing Headquarters. If all goes well, I my be considered for Uniformed Staff, namely an Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch). A  childhood vision perhaps. But certainly a current aim.

I’ll talk more about the Air Training Corps in the future, and perhaps blog about the process of gaining a commission, should I be granted the honour.

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New Dates added to the Tour list…

Have a look at the update tour listings page here…

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Welcome to the Timothy Parkes website.


A long and rowdy weekend…

Well, it all started on Saturday. After getting a little confused about stage/set times for the Carnage Klub gig, and the Robstock gig (On the same night), It was finally clear what needed to happen. I had to buy an energy drink. Not that I was happy about it!

The Carnage Klub gig started off with a Foyer-staged performance from Ephemetry. Which was frankly beautiful. A guy with a plugged-in acoustic guitar, not using a microphone to sing through, and I’m thinking, this isn’t going to work… -But it does, and it’s seriously lovely. Only improved by a soaring, yet melancholic violin to flesh out the sound further. This strange venue, a rehearsal space and studio steadily fills. And the taxi rank next door provide an awkward accompaniment on taxi band radio, and the odd car pulling through the crowd.

My set was sort of thrown together really. Practise room P.A. system, and a very full, and suitably hot room in which to play, made for an interesting experience. I wanted better sound, but I loved being the guy in the corner. It somehow felt more of a battle with myself to feel comfortable. I really enjoyed road testing new songs “For WIll” and “D and D”. Feel like I’m still getting to know them. It was lovely to see some old friends too.

I was done by 10pm sharp, and happily on the road to Wolverhampton (From Amblecote) to get to load in at Robstock. Upon arriving, I could here the musings from old school buddy Phil Jarvis, And was greeted by some of my oldest friends.

It was getting very late. In fact, a bottle or two of Merlot, had taken my eyes off the time, and the next thing I know, it’s 1am and the police are very politely pulling the plug on the whole thing!  Some very calm words from Sandeep Dhillon of Zelig, (who’d already wowed the crowd with their ever-tighter and somehow loosely slick sounds.) and the show was allowed to carry on, albeit “unplugged”.

So, around an hour later, and a chicken pitta (and more wine) I was summonsed to the “other” stage. (A chair in a gazebo). I was clearly instructed and guided by Dave Andrews, to play, and an audience assembled.  -It’s worth stating here, that I’ve never actually performed this way. On a chair, in a garden, and without the apparent security of a P.A. System and Sound Engineer. That said, I really enjoyed it. There was a little of “showing my oldest friends what I do” and a little of, “I’m drunk, I’m having a great time, and what the hell!”. After a few songs, Sandeep joined me on Cojon.  This was another variable that I hadn’t expected, yet really enjoyed. He’s quite a percussionist. After the set had de-generated to drunken Nirvana covers, that I don’t know how to play, I slipped away to sleep in the car. -I don’t know why, but needless to say, I was at the end of “my drink”.So, until the next Soiree.



Home of all things “Timothy”, here, you can catch up on his career, dates, and blog.

Also, there’s quite a bit about his friends and projects too.

Playing at The Rodewald Suite, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall



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25 August 2010: The Hive Gallery, Shrewsbury

Doors 8pm

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Saturday 21st August 2010: ROBSTOCK 2010

Merridale Road, Wolverhampton.

Acts begin at 3:00pm

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Terry Staunton – Shared

IRL 042

Village pub platform for the next wave of folk heroes

Open mic night at the Horseshoe Inn, an unassuming hostelry in rural Shropshire, so enraptured near neighbour Miles Hunt that it became the springboard for his new acoustic collective, Shared. Acting as producer and session musician, The Wonder Stuff frontman and his violinist partner Erica Nockalls nurture talents fresh and familiar, the pick of which feature on this joyous first “sampler”.There’s an unashamedly folk slant to proceedings (a form Hunt himself embraced as early as Golden Green on the Stuffies’ 1989 album Hup!), with Rob Dunsford taking a leaf out of Richard Thompson’s literate book on Dashboard Therapy and Don’t Go To The Other Side Of The World. Timothy Parkes would appear to be another 24-carat find, a Stourbridge boy with an innate understanding of sepia-toned Americana, while Dirty Ray’s poetic growl recalls early Tom Waits. Continue reading

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Mike Davis “” Reveiws “Shared”

Inspired by both meeting other perfomers during their acoustic tours and by the wealth of undiscovered local talent turning up to play open mic nights at their local Shropshire pub, Wonder Stuff members and duo Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls hit on the idea of Shared, a project designed to provide an acoustic showcase for both emerging and established singer-songwriters. Continue reading

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Bryan Taylor reviews ‘Shared’ at The Horseshoe Inn



First up, a little background info. ….

I first encountered The Horseshoe Inn towards the end of 2007. My friend Timothy Parkes decided to drive over to their Monday night Open Mic session & I scrounged a lift. What greeted me was one of the most friendly, welcoming pubs I have honestly ever been too (and there have been hundreds, believe me) and some wonderful musicians, not to mention my old mate Miles Hunt who was standing at the bar (sorry, I just did). Continue reading

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