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Timothy Parkes

The Wild Man of Clungunford

I’m currently writing and recording a debut solo album, working title ” A year in the Country, a lifetime in Town” A year ago, I moved to the Shropshire Hills, to rest up, regroup and record my debut release. I built a shed, planted a lawn, and watched it grow.  The Shed became “The Shedio” and most of the Album will have been recorded within her.


Dirty Ray band Rehearsing at The Wainhouse Studios

Dirty Ray band Rehearsing at The Wainhouse Studios

Dirty Ray with band at his Album Launch "Big World For A Little Man"


I sometimes appear as part of Dirty Ray’s band, playing electric guitar/slide guitar, along with Miles Hunt (Bass Guitar/Percussion) and Erica Nockalls (Violin/Percussion). I’d never really played slide before, and was taken in hand by Dirty himself in order to learn the frantic parts!



Formed off the beastly back of Dirty Ray’s “Big World For A Little Man” (IRL Records, Produced by Miles Hunt) We are a posse of friends and musical comrades in arms. Bloody love playing that stuff.




July Skies live at Flatpack Festival, Ikon Eastside, Birmingham

July Skies live at the Flatpack Festival

Also, I’m currently working with July Skies on the new album. I also contribute to the live band sound, on acoustic guitar.  (Which gets surrounded by beautiful swirling and chiming notes, beats, bass and piano/organ sounds)

The project is the passion of Antony Harding, and will feature Rob Glover and Benjamin T Holton of Epic45  . Perhaps the most challenging role in a band/project for me, due to the ethereal and sonorous qualities of Antony’s music, and the fact that it’s so exciting that I drift away with the melodies. Rehearsals are often pre-empted by an exploration of some abandoned WWII site, airfield or Cold War relic with Antony, which is of great interest to myself, as a fully-paid-up urban geek.





BrentLee Wonderful singer/songwriter/looper and "man of the soil".

I have been involved in lots of other projects over the last year or so, including a “Work in progress” by Experimental Romanticist E.L.Heath a Shropshire Friend of mine, and also my good buddy BrentLee, of the “Shared2″ Project. (We’re working together on his Debut Ep.)




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